Salt Lake

Salt lake of Torrevieja.

There are two salt lakes in Torrevieja, one close to La Mata and one in Torrevieja. The latter is 50-150 cm deep, and real salt. The lake and surrounding area is a natural reserve, and still the largest producer of salt in Europe. Salt has been produced here for hundreds of years.

WHO consider that Torrevieja is the healthiest area of Europe.

The water and atmosphere of salt lakes is said to be good for those suffering from asthma, arthritis and rheumatism. For the skin it is good to lubricate with mud found on shore. The mud is considered to be the black and healthy gold of the lagoon. It is known from ancient times that its content helps if you have problems with your skin. 

The color of Laguna de Torrevieja, La Laguna Rosa, is sometimes clearly found pink. This is because the color is caused by pigments in the water, and there are two particular organisms that contribute to the distinctive color. One such organism is a pink microalgae, Dunaliella Salina, who must have high levels of ß-carotene to survive. The second organism is a shrimp, Artemia Salina, which is becoming more and more red the higher salt concentration in the water. The flamingos eat these organisms, which explains their pink color. Both of these organisms are found in large quantities in this lagoon, and explains the color of the water. As the salt concentration increases and salt is ready for harvest, the shrimp turns more red and the water seems more pink.

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