The Classical Dilemma on the Beach

Suddenly I noticed her. Some sitting in front of me on the beach apparently have left their position. She must have been laying opposite to them so, when the others went, she was laying in my view line. She is 8 to 10 m from me, laying on her back, on a towel, wearing only the lower part of a bikini. You will believe me when saying that I have not put me in this position for me to look effortlessly on her, but for sure I can. When I sit in my chair I look straight at her, and I wonder: Should I turn my chair? If not much, just a little? I do not want to give the impression that this is of most interest to me, and in fact it is not – if you  believe me. But it’s a free country, so why shouldn’t I be allowed to still have my chair in this direction?

I’ve had the chair in this position for an hour already. Backrest of the deckchair sometimes up, sometimes backward. I have looked to the right, to the left and straight ahead, looked out over the sea which has a well known nice green and blue color. Green closest to the beach, more dark and changing to blue further out – far out where the horizon makes a clear, distinct pale-gray line with the distant sky above it. And when letting my eyes slide higher up the color becomes darker and gradually turns into the blue. No single cloud to be seen – the sun hanging like glowing gold pretty high up.

The sun really feels well, warming my body absorbing this good energy for days to come. I do as I’ve done so many times, sit here with my cap and sun glasses – yes – feels good. When I sit like this and look into the distance, I can lower the gaze and study this art of nature being revealed in front of me.

She is located not far from me, her head to the left and feet to the right in my view. Her age is indeterminate, but she has passed the age of 30, maybe 40. Her hair golden, red-brown, an artificial color that many Spanish women use.

I must admit that I did not notice her at first. She was laying there, while I was sitting in my chair, now and then reading. My wife tried her very best to get fried in the chair next to me. Eventually I became more and more interested in this beauty of Torrevieja. And believe me, it was not only her calm charm that captivated me. Well, she was a good example of artfully drawn, curved lines, in terms of both her forehead, cheeks and lips, her relaxed breasts and slender waist and the part of her given name from Venus herself. Likewise, her thighs and legs were gracefully proportioned and had a slight bend upwards, then downwards. If I was a performer of drawing or painting, this would have been a perfect act I would do my utmost to get visualized on paper or canvas, but I know that I in no way would be able to make justice to this motionless and still alive artwork I had in front of me.

What also impressed me was her inner, stoic calmness. ’cause she did not move, not a finger on her right hand, which was the one I could see resting on the towel. She did not move a toe, not her mouth, not an eyebrow. There only was a tiny move in her hair caused by a weak move in the air. She must have been laying so for 1½ hours when my admiration for her slowly transformed to a slight fear. I studied her breasts to see if they moved with her breathing. They did not. Was she laying there sleeping, in the sun, with no sun glass at all? Why did she never make a small attempt to give her nice skin some small  layer of protecting lotion? Perhaps she had fainted? Obviously not. If so her toes would certainly have been seen in a different position. Now her feet, however, was seen in a relaxed position with her toes slightly outward and upward, and consequently she had to be conscious. I began suspecting her of wanting to make herself visible just by doing that little out of herself. It was kind of Art of Doing Nothing.

You understand she had caught my attention. I leaned alternately back and forth in my chair and let my mind fly as just described. Suddenly I saw the lying statue in front of me making a movement. She had pulled her right leg back a little and the elegant lines of the thigh and leg were broken and now formed an angle with the knee as a starting point. I got a liberating feeling that she was still normal and registered with no surprise that her leg fell down again. When I next rose my back and took a sitting position, also the goddess was sitting. She got the sun’s warm rays in from behind and my hot look in from forward  and left. With graceful, slow movements she rubbed her arms with, yes, it had to be some kind of lotion. First her left arm, then her right.

Tell me, can you feel a gaze and where it comes from? There were still much people on the beach, and when she suddenly raised her eyes, she turned her head to the left, towards me – and by all those sitting on the beach – her eyes fell on me. And not only that, the goddess sent me a white, friendly smile that completely surprised me. Over the years I have seen hundreds of women on the beach, but I cannot remember a beach smile that made an impression on me. This one did.

In truth, I do not know whether her smile and her shiny eyes showed superiority or just kindness. However, unfortunately I believe that my face was as immovable rock. In retrospect, I wondered whether also I should have given her a small smile, and perhaps also given her an imperceptible nod as a kind of thanks for the wonderful experience she had given me with her passive, yet graceful stance.

I should have done.


Picture not related to this story

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