Relax – or The art of doing nothing

I have told my wife that I have the desire to be an artist. I have kind of practiced it for years, but it has not been considered as a kind of art. At least not by my wife. And as time goes by I try to perfect the expression, magnify it you may say. Let me reveal at once what I have called my form of art; ” The Art of Doing Nothing”.

Some would say that this is laziness at its best. But those who know me know that I have a wife, and when she has put up with me for so many years, it is because I am not working to perfect my form of art all the time – just in my spare time – preferably on holiday – and the best occasion is on the beach.

I need four things to make out the best in my expression:

– Deck/camping chair. The seat must not be too high above the ground, ie the sand. It must be constructed so that the legs can be stretched forward in a natural and relaxed way. The backrest should be adjustable making it possible for me to sit or take a more laid back position. This last fits me perfectly, I think my body is made ​​of for such a relaxed position.

– Cap to shadow the sun. The color should be dark so that no light enters my eyes.

– Sunglasses. The sunlight to be dimmed so I can read or write, and my eyes be hidden.

– Parasol. Makes sun cream not needed and makes it a pleasure to be on the beach.

– A book and/or paper and pen. Book for relaxing and informative reading. Paper and pen in case thoughts come to mind, thoughts that should be taken care of.

Below I show two relevant positions in the practice of the Art of Doing Nothing. Pictures are taken to illustrate and do not show the ultimate setting.
The picture of Start position indicates a laid back and relaxed body. We see that the seat of the chair should have been lower, but one still get an idea of ​​the performance of The Art of Doing Nothing.

The Art of Doing Nothing, start position

The Art of Doing Nothing. Start position


The next picture shows a seemingly more demanding and active variant. In this position the thoughts that came in the Start position is written down. Or I can read. Or imagine this position 10 m from the sea, with sand between my toes and between me and the sea. My eyes are hidden under the brim and behind dark sunglasses. With a book in my hands I look totally harmless. But my eyes may very well be placed on the horizon far out there – or may be on what is passing on the beach in front of me.

The Art of Doing Nothing. Alternative position

The Art of Doing Nothing. Less relaxed, but still a kind of laid back


In next picture I am looking at the horison. Or am I looking at some(thing) nice passing in front of me?  Anyhow, you understand I am not reading.

The Art of Doing Nothing. Am I reading or looking?

The Art of Doing Nothing. Am I reading or looking?


I know that I’m not alone in performing this kind of art, but I know that I am doing my best to make the most out of it.

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