Elche / Elx

Parking near Archeologic museum and Palm park.

Museu Arqueologic I D’Historia D’Elx

The Dama de Elche

The Dama de Elche, found in the archaeological site of «La Alcudia», is one of the world’s most famous sculptural works. It was discovered on the 4th of August 1897 in the Elche area.

The Dama de Elche is an Iberian sculpture, carved in limestone, between the V and IV centuries B.C. It represents a woman with very perfect facial features, possibly idealized and richly dressed with robes and jewellery. (as written on an information plaque)


The Palm Grove of Elche

A couple of minutes walk from Museu Arqueologic you find a superb, nice and big garden with a big variety of palm trees. There are nice paths for walking and places and arrangements for children to play, and thus for singles and families to relax. 150-200.000 palm trees can be found.