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Almond tree flowering Torrevieja area

I cannot but visit the fields to find almond trees to see the wonderful flowering. Spring is here.

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Torrevieja temperature February

As promised in January, I arrived Torrevieja in early February.  + 6.0 degrees in the morning 7-Feb-18. I am hoping for better times to come and I know they will.  

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Winter time

I have planned soon to go for Torrevieja. Can anybody understand why?

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Shopping – or?

Policia Local of Torrevieja have been out shopping bags. Originals or copies, who  knows? . . . . . . .

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Urinating and sweat in the pool

It’s not only disgusting to think that there is a risk to swim in other people’s urine if one takes a swim in the pool. Urine can also cause irritation and breathing problems when mixed with chlorine. Recent studies show … Continue reading

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El Molino del Río

Report from a visit to a hotel that  is a converted mill house situated on the now dry or tiny river Argos. You find the page here. 150 km from Torrevieja.  

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Surviving cats

Then it turns out that the kittens survive (I wrote about them two days ago). The rescue couple had them delivered to a home for relocating, and paid for their sterilization. And then we have it going: One can believe … Continue reading

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The picture shows sun protection at La Zenia Boulevard. However, I call it art. Perhaps it is both? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  

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Caves at Rojales

The caves were dug/made for places to live. Nowadays caves in Rojales are used by creative people (art made – for you to buy and enjoy). Map to Cuevas de Rodeo, Rojales. Information page, . . . . . … Continue reading

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Visit to the Norwegian Church in Torrevieja

Since there are English speaking followers to this blog, this is my translation from my post from 14th April 2016, informing that the (Norwegian parliament’s) Storting’s Standing Committee on  Labour and Social Affairs  made a visit to the Norwegian church in … Continue reading

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Refrigerator of type Beko – fault – giving water

Today I visited RedDer Electrosalome shop in Torrevieja and talked to them. My visit was in connection with a refrigerator of type No Frost Beko DN 133021. It was purchased in September 2012, 3 years ago. However, 1 1/2 years … Continue reading

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Museum of Sea and Salt

This is found in the Salt Museum of Torrevieja. See more here.

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