Dear Torrevieja

Sorry, Torrevieja. After March this year there was no possibility for me to visit you. I had to leave you at full speed in March, fled in 100 from Covid 19. Three times I bought a plane ticket for the return trip, in addition to one that didn’t accept my efforts.

At the airport there was a kind of chaos, plane was five hours late, fully loaded, no one wearing a mask, and not possible to buy food on board.

On the train home from Oslo there were very few other passengers, almost not a person to see when train stopped on a station, a scary experience.

At home in Langesund, I was quarantined for two weeks, and my visitors had to sit outside while I sat inside the open door.

When I got out of quarantine I could start moving around again. I made gardening, boat cleaning and launching, followed by nice boat trips with fishing and bathing.

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, society is extra vigilant and the awareness of being careful is great. I wear a face mask when I’m in the store, and make shopping only once a week.

I look forward to Christmas, but it will be different compared to before.

Torrevieja, take care, be strong. Good times will come, and then I will visit you again. I miss you and I hope you know I love you.

Hope you don’t mind me bringing my wife. If possible she likes you even more than I do.

Merry Christmas to you all, and see you in 2021 which will be a good year. We know you will do your best to fulfill our dreams.

Torrevieja gives shopping possibilities
Almond tree flowering
The guard waiting for me to swim, but I always ensure to be in safe waters
Flamenco at Rebate

About Perry Saevik

Living in Norway. As alternative stays in Spain.
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