The healthy clock

I have a clock also showing how many steps I go by day. Those who have made the clock have probably meant that it will have a health impact. I’m going to set goals for how many steps I should, or intend to (as a minimum) dive around every day, and maybe at noon I can check whether there can be a nap on the pillow or a walk.
But that’s a bit strange. At home in Norway, there are usually no question, always an afternoon rest and sometimes a walk. In Casa Slappava (my house in Torrevieja), on the other hand, I can go on a stroll just as it is. It may be before dinner one day, after dinner another day. And you believe me when I say that it may even take a few days between each time I take a Spanish walk. Instead, there may be a little swim. The downside is that the clock does not measure the number of swim ceilings neither in the pool nor in the salt water, and on these damp days, I therefore have exercised more than pedometer clock shows. A hidden Relaxation Bonus, ie.
Today, suddenly, the pedometer announced that I had achieved double goals. Something like that is both rare and strange. It has its explanation. Perhaps I’ll elaborate on it later on.



About Perry Saevik

Living in Norway. As alternative stays in Spain.
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