Lofoten, The Lo-foot :)

As a little boy I listened to the weather forecast on the radio. In those days television had not yet come to Norway, and radio was broadcasted from 4 PM every day. The radio was perhaps considered to be like a friend. There is especially one thing I remember from those early broadcasting days: Lofoten was mentioned every day.

Lofoten is a region in Norway, as said here “known for excellent fishing, spectacular nature attractions such as the northern lights and the midnight sun, and small villages off the beaten track. Kayak between the islands, go fishing for the catch of your life, or look for sea eagles soaring in the sky”.

The name Lofoten is from far back in time, and the latter part, foten, means foot. Therefore, every evening a little boy heard about the Lo-foot on radio.

Once mom and I were out walking, we passed a shop window. There they obviously sold ladies clothes, because there was a foot inside the shop-window, a typical promotional matter. I for sure saw that it was a lady’s foot, but I had never seen such a thing earlier: a single foot in a window. Something special for a little guy. Since I was in an early stage of life, I used my small amount of knowledge and asked:

“Mom, is that the Lo-foot?” 

More than one foot at the market of Torrevieja

More than one foot at the market of Torrevieja. For sure not Lofoten

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Living in Norway. As alternative stays in Spain.
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