Watering system and garbage

Today I had a visit from Eagle. He had heard about my problems with leakage in the automatic watering system, and such systems are within his knowledge. We took a brief look at the watering computer (wcr) and piping. It was an obvious error on the tube, a connector had loosened and given water free passage out of the system. Another possible reason is that wcr may be defective and need to be replaced. I’ll check tomorrow. Anyway I’m going to switch the wcr, I have in fact already a completely new Gardena-wcr. I bought it at H-Nera for next to nothing a year ago, in a treasure box. I have it hidden in an unopened packaging. Real fun.

Eagle and I have a neighbour, Emma. She is married to Havel, one breathed guy, usually seated in a wheelchair. Earlier, when he needed a few puffs, he jumped out of his chair and lurked around the corner. There, out of sight of Emma, ​​hanging over a neighbor’s fence, he drew a tax free cigarette package out of his pocket and had his well-deserved blow. Such a trip never lasted long, he had to make a quick return to Emma and the oxygen bottle.

Havel is the somewhat heavy type. Knowing so he has begun to trim in the fitness center. According to Emma he is well  motivated. She feels he likes to observe the younger, scantily clad female negroes. I do not know what kind of exercises he participates in, but it’s nice that he’s encouraged to making some movements.

By the way, I hear that Emma is making some exercises too. Fine if they try to turn to be active. Go throwing the garbage can be an activity. However, not for Emma. The community’s dustbins are placed in the roundabout 90 m away. Not to let trimming take over, she throws the garbage bag into the trunk of the car and drive to the roundabout. I don’t know whether there is tight hinges on the trunk lid of her car, but she drives with the lid open.

The trip to the garbage goes in street that joins the aforementioned roundabout. On her way she passes 10-20 houses/flats. A few weeks ago Emma was to throw some garbage into the roundabout bin. For three small bags you would say that one single trip should be sufficient. Well, read more. After the first thrown sack, she entered the car, drove out of the roundabout and onto the one-way road towards home. Arriving at Adele and Borre she slowed down, and when passing she looked watchfully and interested over the fence, onto the patio and front door, and smiled with the huge grin we have become acquainted with. At her home she throws another garbage bag into her car, a new drive to the roundabout, and this is repeated with a total of three times drive during 6 minutes, and same slowing down in front of Adele and Borre, giving them the same grin.

Emma does not have a reaction pattern that the majority of the population, this must be assumed from the mentioned garbage episode.

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Living in Norway. As alternative stays in Spain.
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