Beko No-Frost refrigerator malfunction

To day I sent this message to Beko through their official contact page at the www. The following is so far not good for the two companies mentioned below:

“In September 2012 i bought a refrigerator in the shop RedDer Electrosalome, S.L., Torrevieja. The model is No-Frost BEKO DN 133021.

During 1 1/2 year it was functioning ok. In March 2014 we had water flowing to the floor from the front door, from inside the refrigerator. We had service man from RedDer three times, twice in 2014 and one time in March 2015. Now RedDer do not want to do anything more, but the problem arising first time in March 2014 is NOT solved. RedDer say that  BEKO is not willing to do anything more. But I can not believe that this is true.
I have placed them this question: What shall I do to stop water from flowing to the floor through the front door? — I believe this is a question Beko can answer.”

It shall be interesting to see how Beko will answer me.

About PyS

Living in Norway. As alternative stays in Spain.
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