Refrigerator of type Beko – fault – giving water

Today I visited RedDer Electrosalome shop in Torrevieja and talked to them. My visit was in connection with a refrigerator of type No Frost Beko DN 133021. It was purchased in September 2012, 3 years ago. However, 1 1/2 years ago we got the trouble that water was flowing from inside the refrigerator to the floor.

Despite many repairs (first time 1 1/2 year ago), the Frigo Beko is still giving water to the floor. Luis told me today that Beko declares that there is no malfunction to the refrigerator. I then gave him this question: Since Beko will not do anything more with the Frigo Beko, what shall I do to stop water from flowing to the floor?

Luis could not give me an answer. A possibility is to purchase a new refrigerator, he declared.

When it comes to selling, ok, but RedDer is not able to answer my question nor give a solution to the problem with the refrigerator Frigo Beko.

RedDer Electrosalome in Torrevieja says this Frigo Beko is the only refrigerator that has had such problem.

It looks like I must conclude that RedDerElectrosalome in Torrevieja is leaving me alone with the problem. The shop has in the past 1 1/2 years kept me calm with the words that they are on my side. But when they have one single refrigerator of type Beko that is having trouble, they turn their customer down and hope that word of mouth will work this time.

I must conclude: RedDer Electrosalome in Torrevieja is there for their own money – but they can not help their customer with problems.


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Living in Norway. As alternative stays in Spain.
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