First bath of the year in Torrevieja

Today my wife had her first bath this year – in  the pool. It started by my wife and I went to the pool area to have some sun bathing. Real hot area, and real nice to lay there in complete relax. Remember – this is April – and the Norwegian summer is far away. Though, our surroundings were on the level of the best Norway can give at summer time.

Then my wife rose and went for a shower. This is for the tough ones because the water temperature is as the cold water of any house. But tough she is, and brave enough she slides into the nice, blue pool water of this nice day of spring, with pool temperature hardly passed 20 degrees.

I told you this is for the tough ones. You will believe I took to my feet also and went for a, let us call it, refreshing shower following up with three ladder steps into the cool – I mean – pool water.

Meaning, today my wife and I proudly had our first bath this year. Proud – that’s why I write about it 🙂 but with more than 20 degrees there is no reason to use the word Proud.

Children's pool - and for the experienced

Pool waiting for me (had to take this picture first)

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Living in Norway. As alternative stays in Spain.
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