To leave an urbanisation, i.e. to sell

Some decide to move from their urbanisation. To do so there should indeed be a serious analysis behind. There may be economic or social reasons.

If you can not afford to be the owner of two houses , ie in your country of origin and Spain, then, if you find that you need to sell one house, you have to choose where to stay and where to sell. Not easy choice. Shall I leave my friends in my new home land or go back to my family in my origin land?

The social part can also be a reason why people choose to move from one estate. It is sad to realise that where there is more than one person, disagreement and factions will occur. Fortunately, it is often the case that when a person is being excluded socially, in anyway he will have alliance partners. The call must be to seek those with whom you feel comfortable, and then you can nod to the others. Not only can you nod to them, you should indeed do so. It makes the situation easier in the street. A rule could be to let the surface be calm, but do not accept to be stepped on.

About PyS

Living in Norway. As alternative stays in Spain.
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