Banos de Europa, Torrevieja

I have a flat in a nice country, in the best place you could ever imagine: Banos de Europa, Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, Spain. What more do you want than:

  • 3-500 m to the salt lake of Torrevieja, the saltest lake of globe (except Death sea).
  • 50-150 m to the swimming pool. In summer season the pool is cleaned every day, surrounded by tiles and next to them green grass and convenient, nice plants, trees and nice shadow spots where you can lay back with your sun glasses, a book – or just grasp the warm sun.
  • Nice small streets being cleaned when needed – or at summer season: daily.
  • Nice and friendly neighbours from Spain, England, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
  • Ok, we have to walk 5-10 minutes to find a café or place to eat/drink, but this make Banos de Europa a place for relaxing.
  • 2 km to City Torrevieja, but less than 1 km to shopping center Carrefour, Habaneras or Mercadona and many other nice shops and places to get what you need.

When I tell my friends in Norway how I feel about my place in Spain, I say, with a smile: “It is the best place in Spain.” They believe I am joking, because it cannot be true. But for me it is. I need no better place on earth – Banos de Europa, Torrevieja.

IMG_0511 Bassenget Banos

About PyS

Living in Norway. As alternative stays in Spain.
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